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SUBMIC - Sub-Millimeterwave Observations of Ice Clouds


The main scientific goal of the project SUBMIC is to provide better global measurements of cloud ice, which are urgently needed for climate model validation. This is achieved by developing advanced ice retrieval methods for satellite radiances in the millimeter / sub-millimeter wave spectral range, which are necessary to process the data from the upcoming next generation of passive millimeter / sub-millimeter wave satellite sensors. An important secondary goal of the project is to advance three specific satellite missions related to clouds by the European Space Agency (ESA). The project will develop key scientific algorithms for the planned missions PREMIER/STEAM, EarthCARE, and CIWSIR. The project approach is a practical one. For each of the new sensors considered, retrieval algorithms are developed in such a way that they can be tested on already available data. This ensures that algorithms are robust and realistic, and also leads to publishable results before the new sensors are available. Although the retrieval performance with todays available data will be considerably poorer than with the new advanced sensors, it is still believed to be useful.

Research Program