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Gerrit at his defense

Gerrit Holl at his Master's thesis defense.

Master's Thesis Opportunities

We welcome students to work in the group. As a master student you will work closely with the other group members. You will get a writing desk and computer in one of our offices, so that you can get help and contact with others quickly. Students participate also in our weekly group meetings to present their progress and discuss with the rest of the group. Like research assistants, thesis students are payed for eight hours per week.

For work in our group, it helps if you take the courses "Atmospheric Physics" by Victoria Barabash, "Remote Sensing" by Jana Mendrok, and "Climate Physics" by Mathias Milz.

We also offer possibilities for students to work as research assistants either during the semester or as a summer job. For more information contact one of the group seniors: Mathias Milz, Thomas Kuhn, Jana Mendrok (email: <GivenName.FamilyName(at)ltu.se>). Or talk to one of the previous master students or research assistants, for example Johan Strandgren <johsat-9@student.ltu.se>, or Gerrit Holl <gerrit.holl(at)ltu.se>.

Ideas for Topics

Below are some suggestions for possible thesis topics. To get a flavor of the kind of work involved, it may be a good idea to look at some previous theses (see link below). Come and talk to us, if you are interested!

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Remote Sensing

  • Temporal variability of tropical UTH

Radiative Transfer

  • Effects of particle shape and size distributions in ice clouds on submillimeter-wave and millimeter-wave satellite observations