ARTS - The Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator


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2015-07-30: SVN moved to Hamburg

The ARTS Subversion repository has been moved to a new server in Hamburg.
Your local working copies have to updated to the new location. In each working copy (e.g. arts, atmlab etc.), you have to run the following command:
svn switch --relocate https://www.sat.ltu.se https://arts.mi.uni-hamburg.de

2015-05-29: Update on PyARTS

Due to its current unmaintained and largely broken state, we decided that we can't support PyARTS anymore. Download links for PyARTS have been removed. We hope to start a new, better Python package in the near future.

2014-06-06: ARTS 2.2 released!

We're pleased to announce the release of ARTS version 2.2.

Some of the new key features in this release are:

  • Support for other planets
  • Radio links
  • Zeeman splitting
  • Named arguments
  • in-ARTS pnd_field calculations from atmospheric fields
  • in-ARTS scat_data calculations by Mie or T-matrix

For a detailed list of changes, have a look at the CHANGES-2.2 file in the ARTS distribution.

Alongside with ARTS, new 2.2 versions of atmlab, arts-xml-data and PyARTS are available as well.

Download instructions can be found on the Getting ARTS and Related tools pages.

This means that the 2.0 versions are no longer maintained.